PeopleSmart has been in business since early 2000. Our reputation has grown mainly by word of mouth and the positive testimonials of satisfied clients.
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Success Stories

Virtual working and virtual leadership are nowadays firmly embedded in many organizations. Constant innovations in ICT have made virtual working practical, effective and cheap. Increased global competition has made it essential. Our client is a global leading manufacturer of industrial gas turbines. A recent reorganization in its EAME region has made the ability for their managers to lead geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams a crucial key to success. Tomorrow’s leaders must be cultivated to think in terms of a virtually unrestricted global environment, and businesses must equip leaders to build the skills necessary to prosper in today’s virtual and distributed world. We have designed a program for our client to equip their managers with the essential insights, knowledge, skills and tools to effectively lead remotely dispersed teams and stay productive when working across cultural boundaries using different mediums of communication. The program focuses on core skills like communication, goal setting, delivering feedback, driving change, team-building and team-work.

Success factors:

  • Building on participants' consolidated leadership skills to add on and develop those unique abilities and techniques that are require in the virtual environment
  • Blended approach utilizing remote learning through webinars, and classroom training
  • In-depth understanding of the client challenges, organization’s culture, and leadership competencies
  • Engage in the program a very diverse group of managers, in terms of culture, function and seniority, to maximize the value of peer feedback and sharing

Increasing diversity and improving the inclusiveness of organisations are critical objectives for many businesses. Our client in the aerospace industry is no exception. They selected PeopleSmart to partner them in designing & running assessment days for their newly launched international graduate programme. The challenge was to design an approach that would enable great selection decisions to be taken according to a fair process in an extremely diverse candidate group (25+ nationalities) respecting the budgets, time and standards that the client expected to see.

Success factors:

  • Responsive, reliable & agile team working to extremely tight deadlines with an evolving brief. Our ability to focus on the client, to react rapidly and build in flexibility to our solution was very much appreciated.
  • Ability to understand the client company culture and tailor the approach & materials to suit their style whilst giving candidates an inspirational yet real experience of life as it could be on board.
  • Attention paid to creating an inclusive environment & process for candidates.
  • Fast, fair & fact based decision making during the centres. Combining rigour and decision making quality with speed & efficiency.

Projects are led to success and not managed to success – soft and hard skills are equally important. Whilst technical skills are core to project, program and portfolio management, they are simply not enough in today’s competitive economy to ensure sustained project success. For a global agrochemical organization we designed a tailored development program to systematically enhance the leadership competencies of their project manager population which nurtures key capacities to engage and inspire cross-functional and often geographically diverse project teams. The modular program grows fundamental communication, influencing and motivation skills that are pivotal to lead others without formal authority. The program is delivered globally in a range of local languages by internationally experienced and highly engaging PeopleSmart facilitators.

Success factors:

  • Cultivation of leadership skills that are unique to project management and aligned with international PM standards (according to PMI)
  • Blended approach utilizing workshops, E-learning, personality profiling and peer learning to optimize learning transfer back into real life projects
  • Tailored contents with practice sessions based on case studies and scenarios designed in partnership and co-creation with the client
  • In-depth understanding of the client organization’s culture, leadership competencies and learning culture

Discussions with clients can be extremely stimulating. Projects can also be challenging to manage due to changing stakeholder needs. We have successfully designed and delivered a leadership learning journey for an international scientific population part of a global cosmetics company. The client needed something which was different and inspiring for a large group of participants who are exposed to considerable work pressure, are experts in their field and yet are not always equipped with the tools and insights needed to manage and lead large teams.

Success factors:

  • Innovative and out of the box approach co-created with the client
  • Ensuring a balance between head, heart and hand for all touchpoints with target group
  • Iterative design and delivery process so participants got what they needed in real time
  • A focused and tenacious PeopleSmart team who constantly adapted to moving targets

We get numerous requests to design and deliver change interventions with clients across all sectors. One of our most recent challenging projects was probably a ½ day change workshop delivered to 500+ employees across all functions over a 9 month timeframe during a period of significant reorganisation. The client – pharmaceutical sector – needed something which appealed to the union representatives, was not overly serious despite the nature of the topic and which allowed participants to share as well as build meaningful action plans that would help them better cope with change.

Success factors:

  • Partnering closely with the client stakeholders
  • Feedback processes which allowed adaptation to meet changing workshop participant needs which varied from group to group
  • Creating a climate of trust with participants so they shared generously
  • Continuity and can-do attitude of the PeopleSmart delivery team

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