EI Practitioners Newsletter February 2021

18. February 2021.
One of the greatest challenges for any organization is the recruitment and selection process. That marks the first step in what can become a fruitful relationship or a true nightmare. The question is, is that enough to guarantee a successful fit?
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Advice on dealing with ‘difficult people’

15. January 2021.
We often fail to consider what role we ourselves play in the difficult relationship. If you’re having trouble with someone, first put the focus on yourself and consider what you can do to transform the relationship.
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EI Practitioners Newsletter Christmas Issue

22. December 2020.
Christmas is a special day of the year for many different reasons according to different cultures. This year we need to make it even more special as, despite our best hopes, we need to celebrate it in a ‘new normal’ way.
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EI Practitioners Newsletter October 2020

18. December 2020.
As Emotional Intelligence Practitioners or even if you are just starting learning EI, you may have started noticing the enormous impact EI behaviours have on organizations, performance, relationships, families, and overall wellbeing.
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Now is the time to raise our communications’ game!

24. August 2020.
Web Conferencing is a great way to expedite communication and it is the responsibility of the call host to decide what type of call theirs will be and then to ensure that it is delivered using the most appropriate medium - running smoothly and to time.
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An inspirational leader cares about other people

9. July 2020.
A leader that inspires performance is a leader who finds joy and deep satisfaction in developing her or his people and celebrating their successes. Such a leader is open to exploring what is truly satisfying in life. Is the accumulation of wealth and personal recognition the ultimate source of happiness, or does generous concern for others lead to fulfilment.
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EI Practitioners Newsletter June 2020

24. June 2020.
Covid 19 has hit our lives like a thunderbolt that forced us to change our routines, our ways of working, our ways of studying, how we socialize with other people, how we travel, even how we do the shopping.
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Practical strategies to connect with our inner energy facing the ‘new normal’

23. June 2020.
Covid 19 has hit our lives like a thunderbolt that forced us to change our routines, our ways of working, our ways of studying, how we socialize with other people, how we travel, even how we do the shopping.
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Mindful leadership

17. June 2020.
The context in which leaders need to operate now is more than ever a fluctuating one with significant changes not only since the last century but most recent years. And in 2020 and the Coronavirus emergency this trend has reached its peak!
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Achieving Life Balance

11. June 2020.
The definition of ‘life balance’ is entirely personal – it is founded on each individual’s values, experiences and relationships; shaped by their current situation, their hopes and aspirations and strengthened by their feelings of stability, confidence and optimism.
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The Root of Resilience: an Inside Job

22. May 2020.
The 5th capability in the Genos model of Emotional Intelligence is Self-Management. And the model makes it clear that if you do this well you become Resilient and if not you can become temperamental, buffeted and rocked by circumstances, suffering extremes of emotion and negative feelings as a victim of circumstances rather than choosing to be in control of your own destiny.
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Building Resilience for yourself and your team

16. May 2020.
The Covid-19 pandemic is delivering us all with a massive amount of uncertainty. Businesses are battling for survival and trying to understand and address what the ‘new normal’ will demand of them and their people. Leaders and team members alike are worried about...
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Leave out feelings from your decisions at your peril!

20. April 2020.
We are making decisions every moment of every day in our personal and business lives. And some of those decisions are massively significant and affect many other people. So it's obvious that we need to be wise about what elements we use in our decision making.
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A Leader's Choice

20. April 2020.
Common language can be very revealing under closer scrutiny. For example the ancient Greek word ‘krisis’ means a choice point. It’s a moment when one can go one way or another. And, in the context of the state of the world now, it’s an opportunity to grow or recede.
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EI Practitioners Newsletter 01/2020

20. February 2020.
Dear Genos E.I Practitioners, We hope you had a great start into the New Year. We wish you all to discover, grow and spread light in your work and in your life. Happy 2020!
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Skillful Authenticity

12. December 2019.
In preparing to write this article I asked my partner Karin what the word authenticity meant to her and the first thing she said was “Being true to yourself”. I then looked up various dictionary definitions and found the following...
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Amadori Case Study: Supplying McDonalds

14. November 2019.
A three-year study of AMADORI, a supplier of McDonald’s in Europe, assesses links between emotional intelligence, individual performance, organizational engagement, and organizational performance.
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The simple 5-step process to creating emotionally intelligent teams

30. October 2019.
Stress can run high in the workplace. As managers you need to develop your self-awareness, understand and deal with your own stress and emotions so as not to impact negatively on your team. And not only that, you need to be able to recognize and deal also with your...
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Awareness of Others - Empathy vs. Insensitivity

14. May 2019.
People who seem to be unaware of other people and their needs. People who put their feet in their mouths and make tactless comments. Or people that when you say “I’m not feeling too good today” completely ignore this and quickly move on to another topic. How do these...
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A Great Leader’s Primary Responsibility: To Be Self-Aware

6. February 2019.
The foundation stone and sine qua non of Emotional Intelligence is Self-Awareness. It is the basis of great leadership. The kind of leadership that creates a safe environment in which people can freely express themselves, learn together and achieve amazing things.
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